tree removal

Make Your Fence Look Like New Again

Count on our skilled team to clear away the brush

Does your fence look overgrown? Don't spend your precious free time trimming and weeding. Instead, let the skilled crew at Spider Tree Service, Inc take that task off your to-do list. We can instantly improve your property's eye appeal by making your fence line look neat and tidy.

Contact us now to get a free estimate on fence clearing services.

Don't subject your fence to the destructive effects of vines

You may have seen beautiful, flowering vines on your neighbor's fence and want to replicate that look in your own yard. But some types of vines can cause irreparable damage to your fence.

The dedicated team at Spider Tree Service recommends avoiding certain types of vines, including:

  • Woody vines, like wisteria
  • Invasive species, like Japanese honeysuckle
  • Fast-growing vines, like English ivy

If any of these types of vines are growing on your fence, call us right away. We'll respond quickly to remove them.